After 30 years of experience at our company, we have established a step by step procedure to encompass everything you need to know from purchase to installation. Here is what you need to know and what you should expect.

Once you decide to purchase our countertops:

Measure the length and depth of the counter top(s) and fax, e-mail or bring them to us with any drawings. We will give you an initial quote based on your material selection, drawings and dimensions provided. This price will be an estimate and is subject to change dependent upon final size and specifications of your project.

Removal of Countertops:

We can do demolition and disposition of old material at a separate cost. Customer will be required to work with other trades for such things as cabinets and plumbing.


Once you decide to hire us to do the work, approve the price quote and pay the deposit, an appointment will be made during business hours from 8 to 5, Monday thru Friday. If you need to reschedule, please let us know one business day prior to scheduled date.


A template is an exact pattern of your future countertops created by the fabricator who produces it. In order to create an accurate template of your future countertops, we ask that the following items be met:


Your installation is generally scheduled 7-10 workings days after templating is complete. We will call you one business day prior to scheduled installation date to make sure you are ready for our installation. We will specify the range of time the installation team will arrive at the job site to start the work. Please be sure all access and entry ways to your job site and work space are clear. We advise that you turn off any air systems to limit the little dust that may be created.

 We will bring the invoice; please make sure payment is ready to give our installers upon completion of work.

We thank you for participation in this easy to follow process and thank you for purchasing from AZ Countertops, Inc. You are always the most important part of the process.